Project Management

AAR Technologies provides Project Management Consultancy in accordance with industry’s best practices, and employs Microsoft Enterprise Project Management (EPM) Solution for the automation and facilitation of project management practices and procedures. The purpose of Project Management Consultancy Services is the alignment of people and systems within an organization, drawing business operations and objectives closer together by delivering project collaboration and analysis tools needed to make informed proactive decisions.

Implementation & Support Services

Our Process
Installing a new network or modifying an existing one is a major step–something you don’t want to rush. You want to get exactly what you need to suit your organization and the processes you perform. At AAR Tech, we devote our energy to making sure your network fits your organization. The same applies for our projects involving personal computing devices, servers, storage area networks and more.

Phase I: We Listen
We focus on your organization, and the processes you perform. In order for a network to be compatible with your environment, we need to understand how your organization operates.

Phase II: We Design Your Network
We take everything into account, from existing equipment and applications, to growth planning and future system needs.

Phase III: We Implement
AAR Tech installs, configures, and tests network hardware, cabling, and software applications. And when it’s time to “hand over the keys”, we provide user orientation and training.

Phase IV: We Support
Once your network is installed, support and maintenance are critical to ensure faultless operations. AAR Tech provides organizations with support and maintenance services to meet your organizations needs and budget.