IT Services

For extreme flexibility, rapidity, and efficiency, a robust IT strategy is critical. AAR Technologies IT Services help our customers make the most of their IT investments — from providing system integration solution, bespoke application/web development and management services and testing solutions.


  • Align IT with strategic business initiatives.
  • Provide solutions that are both flexible and scalable to adapt to a constantly changing market.
  • Strategize, develop and implement new ingenuities with optimal speed to remain competitive.


AAR Technologies delivers excellence and certainty across all your enterprise’s IT needs.

The objective of this offering is to study existing systems setup running mission critical applications at client’s environment under a standalone or cluster environment and identify performance related bottlenecks. AAR Technologies technical consultants will compile a summary based on certain findings that will help client to optimize the systems to a satisfactory level.

At the end of this service, a detailed report will be submitted in the form of findings with recommendations and suggestions.

Scope of Services :
Following are services to be delivered during this exercise.

  • Study System wide critical logs
  • Study existing system performance and identify bottlenecks
  • Study users and systems related Securities
  • Ways to increase systems availability
  • Identifying operating system consistency
  • Study existing filesystems integrity
  • Study system dump utilization and gaps
  • Study memory leakage problems
  • Study existing System backup and restore procedures


Business challenges :
Everyone who uses a computer has an opinion about its performance. Unfortunately, those opinions are often based on oversimplified ideas about the dynamics of program execution. Uninformed intuition can lead to expensive and inaccurate guesses about the capacity of a system and the solutions to the perceived performance problems.

Performance management, from a system management point of view, is usually concentrated on the allocation of existing resources, but also includes allocation of additional resources and establishment of system policies. Therefore, performance tuning can be defined as the application and allocation of resources to best meet the defined requirements and goals.