The Benefits of Agile Software Development

Agile methods grew out of the real-life project experiences of leading software professionals who had experienced the challenges and limitations of traditional waterfall development on project after project. The approach promoted by agile development is in direct response to the issue associated with traditional software development €“ both in terms of overall philosophy as well as specific processes.

Agile development, in its simplest form, offers a lightweight framework for helping teams, given a constantly evolving functional and technical landscape, maintain a focus on the rapid delivery of business value (i.e., €œbang for the buck€). As a result of this focus, the benefits of agile software development are that organizations are capable of significantly reducing the overall risk associated with software development.

In particular, agile development accelerates the delivery of initial business value, and through a process of continuous planning and feedback, is able to ensure that value is continuing to be maximized throughout the development process. As a result of this iterative planning and feedback loop, teams are able to continuously align the delivered software with desired business needs, easily adapting to changing requirements throughout the process. By measuring and evaluating status based on the undeniable truth of working, testing software, much more accurate visibility into the actual progress of projects is available. Finally, as a result of following an agile process, at the conclusion of a project is a software system that much better addresses the business and customer needs.

AAR Tech will work closely with you to deliver a proposal after careful decisions on what will be developed, how and when. Our team has extensive experience in developing bespoke software and web apps. We go to great lengths to understand the reasoning and business case behind your development requirements.

It is only after we understand your business and familiarize ourselves with your processes, that we can develop software systems that help realize your full potential.

Dedicated, Skilled and Sincere

AAR Tech software developers are a dedicated bunch whose motivation really is a job well done on a product that delivers real value.

The AAR Tech  Team are all highly skilled and regularly cross pollinate disciplines and knowledge to ensure there are no ‘silos’ of code across your project. In other words, the left hand knows at all times what the right hand is doing. This ensures code efficiency, project continuation and no “lock-ins”.

Out team is proud to be one of the most skilled software development companies in London and the UK.

Trustworthy and Methodical

The AAR Tech  Team are experienced in creating applications used by tens of thousands of people and Web platforms that are accessed by thousands of users concurrently. It is this experience that brings real value to the projects we work on.

The development methodology employed by the AAR Tech Team is structured, methodical and safe. It’s fast becoming the de facto project management approach used by companies globally. Our fast, “agile-derived” methodology is using all qualities of agile , admired by large corporate organisations who often struggle with fast-paced decision making and adaptation to change.

AAR Tech  is the right partner when you require rapid deliverable, without sacrificing quality, functionality and security.